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Premier Greyhound Tips Review

Review Date: October 2023


Tagline: "Premier Greyhound Tips is a world-leading greyhound betting tipster backed by years of results and many positive reviews." - Betting Gods

Welcome to our Premier Greyhound Tips review.

Introducing Michael, who has been providing greyhound racing tips at Betting Gods since 2014.

On starting our review, we checked the latest statistics for the service and found that they had reported some of the best results that we have ever come across, delivering an average monthly profit of 25.24 points over the previous 12 months.

Aside from amazing results, we were also pleased to see that all of Michael's bets come with a detailed explanation behind them, so you can understand why the dog has been selected.

We find that this makes all the difference in a tipping service, as you can see that the bets have been thoroughly researched and that the tipster has good knowledge of the sport.

Advertised Stats (Based on £25 Stakes)

  • £32,373.00 Total Profit
  • £3,808.59 Average Annual Profit
  • £317.38 Average Monthly Profit
  • 13.63% ROI
  • 27.24% Strike Rate
  • 863.28% Bank Growth

The stats on the sales page were jaw-dropping, but as always, we needed to see how the service would perform for ourselves. We put together a plan to track around 200 bets at readily available bookie odds.

The bookies often cut Greyhound racing odds quickly, so to test the service in a way that's fair to punters, we recorded results at what odds were available five minutes after the bets were posted.

We also made sure that they were available on at least two bookie sites, as that is what it stated in the member's area of the Betting Gods website.

"Results will be recorded using odds available with at least 2 bookmakers (if 2 bookmakers are not available we will use SP)"

With notifications set up for the Betting Gods app, we hoped that would give us enough time to get bets on, as long as the bookmaker accounts were funded ahead of time.

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Key Details

The service provides straight win bets greyhound racing tips at average odds of 5.74. The advice includes the advised odds and the stakes that should be used for each bet.

All tips are posted to a member's area as well as being sent out via email. They are also available on the Betting Gods app, where push notifications can be set up to alert you of new tips.

When are tips sent?

14:00 UK time 

How many tips are there?

36 tips per month on average

What is the advised bank?

150 points starting bank

Review Notes

For this tipster trial, we aimed for 200 bets in order to be able to analyse the results fairly.

However, we reached 160 bets, and at that point, we felt that there was a clear problem with the service and there was no point continuing our trial any longer.

Our review ran from 2nd May to 28th September 2023.

The period from 28th to 31st July was not included in our results due to an annual break, and we just so happened to miss several winning bets totalling 63.52 points profit. This was unfortunate, but would not change the outcome of our review.

Our results include profit and loss at the odds that the tipster provided, as well as odds that we could find at multiple bookmakers. We also recorded results at Betfair SP for good measure.

Review Conclusion

We had a very interesting set of results for Premier Greyhound Tips after recording 160 bets, as there was a vast difference in our results and the tipster's results.

That is not to say that his figures are wrong; it is just that a lot of the time, the odds that he quoted when he sent his tips out seemed to be cut almost right away.

Early into our review, we felt that it was going to be a big problem for those following the service, and as it went on, it became clear that it definitely would be.

At the odds advised, the service lost 21.85 points during our trial. However, at the odds that we could find within five minutes of the tips going out, it turned out to be a loss of 101.54 points.

That was a difference of 79.69 points!

In terms of cash, that works out at -£1,015.40 based on £10 per point.

We found that the service did not record odds at SP where they were not available at more than one bookmaker, which was disappointing, as it was a factor that really skewed the results.

Put simply, if you don't have a Bet365 account, you will likely struggle to match the odds in the long run, and if you do have one, you probably won't have it for long!

And even then, you have to be ultra quick before the odds are cut at the one bookie that is available.

We found that on a Saturday, the odds tended to hang around for longer and were more readily available across bookies, so perhaps a Saturday service could be an idea.

It is a shame, as it is clear that the tipster is on to something, but the bookies are obviously on to him too.


To sum up, the difference in results between the quoted prices and the odds available was huge and would render the service useless for most punters.


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