Racecracker Review

Review Date: January 2024


Tagline: "I've had enough of the greedy "tipster tax" that makes it impossible for £10 punters to make money from tipsters, even when they're profitable!" - Clive Jones, Racecracker

Welcome to our Racecracker review.

Introducing Clive Jones, who has been providing horse racing tips at Bet Chat since 2021.

Clive and his partner Jamie launched Racecracker with the aim of being an affordable horse racing tipster, so that punters betting £5–20 stakes can still expect to make a profit after taking away subscription fees.

He has come across many tipping services that recommend £10,000 banks with £50-£150 stakes, which price the average punter out right away. They need to use such a large bank in order to make enough profit to cover the large fees.

With that in mind, Racecracker promises to be a low-priced service with regular daily tips at odds that you can actually get.

Advertised Stats

  • 77.91 Points Profit
  • £1,558.20 Profit to £20 Stakes (£2,000 Starting Bank)
  • 2.45% ROI
  • 21.12% Strike Rate
  • 77.91% Bank Growth

While Racecracker didn't have reports of huge profits or photos of supercars and beach paradise, their results showed that a profit had been delivered each year.

Importantly, they reported enough profit to cover the annual fee and have some leftover for whatever you preferred, perhaps compounding or just cashing out.

During our in-depth Racecracker review, we followed their tips for six months initially. Notably, we observed a commendable profit generated at Betfair SP, prompting us to delve deeper into this development.

Key Details

The service provides horse racing tips only, with a mixture of each-way bets and straight win bets. The advice includes the advised odds and the stakes that should be used for each bet.

All tips are sent out via email and also through a private Telegram group.

When are tips sent?

09:00 UK time 

How many tips?

162 tips per month on average

Starting bank?

100 points starting bank

Review Notes

For this tipster trial, we aimed for 1,000 bets in order to analyse the results fairly.

We reached almost 700 bets, which worked out to be six months worth of tips, and by that stage we felt that we had enough results to go by.

Our review ran from 5th May to 5th November 2023.

The results include profit and loss at the odds the tipster provided, as well as odds that we could find at multiple bookmakers. We also recorded results at Betfair SP for good measure.

Review Conclusion

When we started this review, the tipster said the service was on what he described as the "Spring rollercoaster". The results displayed fluctuations, but nothing too alarming at the outset.

Transitioning into the summer, however, circumstances took a downturn, and our bank dwindled to its lowest point at 34.89 points, nearly two-thirds of its initial standing, teetering toward the precarious zone.

Towards the end of August, there was a positive shift in fortune with a string of each-way wins. We managed to recoup some profits, elevating our bank to 65.95 points, but there was still a way to go.

Subsequently, as we tracked another few hundred bets from the tipster, our bank saw a decline to 44.6 points. The situation was growing increasingly dire!

On the flip side, the performance for this service at Betfair SP had been quite commendable. Our profit had built up to 41.73 points at BSP, thanks to some very nice drifters.

Bookmaker results = -55.4 points

  • Month One: -9.04
  • Month Two: -20.47
  • Month Three: -35.5
  • Month Four: -3.24
  • Month Five: -2.92
  • Month Six: +15.78

Betfair SP results: +41.73 points

  • Month One: +15.03
  • Month Two: +3.36
  • Month Three: -40.23
  • Month Four: +9.1
  • Month Five: +0.7
  • Month Six: +53.78

One thing to note is the BSP results don't include the combination exacta bets that the service provides when there are two runners tipped in the same race. 

There were 41 of these and the total stakes for them added up to 21 points. Altogether, they lost 16.4 points at the available odds at bookmakers.

Below you will find our full results based on the odds that we could find readily available.

Although we had decided to wrap up the main part of our review, we decided to continue tracking results at Betfair SP to see where it would take us.

Initially, the trajectory was promising, reaching a peak of 71.48 points in profit. However, the euphoria from the positive streak was short-lived, and the Betfair SP profit dwindled to 12.85 points after tracking an additional 223 bets.

Concurrently, results at the bookmakers also proved disappointing, incurring a further loss of 25.48 points and dwindling the bank to a mere 18.22 points.

Our bank was on the brink of busting!


In summary, after nearly 700 bets, the service concluded with a loss when considering bookmaker odds. However, it exhibited some profitability at Betfair SP.

Regrettably, at the odds offered by bookmakers, we experienced a loss exceeding more than half of our bank by the end of this review period.

Extending our review to specifically track results at Betfair SP initially showed promise. Unfortunately, nearly all of the accumulated profit was eventually erased, with the primary bank also plummeting by over 80% by the end of this phase.

Despite our initial optimism for Racecracker, it has not met our expectations, and we cannot recommend subscribing to this service.


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