Predictology review

Predictology Review – Intro

Review Date: May 2024


Tagline: "Access & build profitable betting strategies. Analyse 350,000+ matches in seconds to find profitable bets" - Jon Roberts, Predictology

Welcome to our Predictology review.

Introducing Jon Roberts, who confesses that he is "one of those rare people who actually enjoys spending hours deep inside excel sheets".

Sounds a bit like Josh here at Rated Tipsters!

Jon has devoted many years to developing models and systems for football, as well as other sports, which have evolved into profitable betting strategies.

An important thing to note here is that Predictology is not a tipping service!

Even though we usually focus on proofing tipsters, we still wanted to take a look at Predictology, as, in essence, it is a way to create your own tips.

Key Features

  • Predictions - 35 models available to all members
  • Match Shortlists - For in-play trading
  • Value Bets - Find profitable bets at bookmakers & exchanges
  • System Builder - Create your own models

We don't have historical results to report as we would have with a traditional tipping service, but there are results available for the 35 models in the member's area.

Here is a glimpse at some of the top performers:

Predictology models

Carrying out a Predictology review poses quite a challenge, as every person who uses the service would get different results.

It would depend on what tool they chose to use, their style of betting, and their bet volume.

Jon has suggested that we could pick a few models from the 35 available and monitor results for those, or if we were feeling really ambitious, we could try and come up with our own system using the System Builder.

He also suggested the value bets, as he says they are very powerful and have an edge over other value betting and advantage play tools. This is because there is a Betfair Exchange option, so you can focus on finding value on the exchange without worrying about bookmaker limits and closures.

We gave it some thought and decided that we would start from the beginning and pick out a few models to follow. It will be a thorough review, so we will cover other aspects of the service next too.

We will track 100-200 bets to start with and assess our progress from there.

Review Notes

This isn't a tipping service per se, but we will be initially tracking 100-200 bets from several models to see how they perform.

Results will be recorded using Betfair Exchange odds.

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