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All Weather Place Review

Review Date: May 2024


Tagline: "Top UK Horse Racing Tipster Averages £113.54 Profit Per Month!" - Betting Gods

Welcome to our All Weather Place review.

Introducing Frank, one of the latest horse racing tipping experts to be listed on the Betting Gods network and began sending his tips in for proofing in February 2023.

This tips service provides "Place" bets and they can be bet on at BSP in the place only markets using Betfair Exchange - a feature we find particularly appealing.

Frank's results are impressive, boasting 50.51 points profit after a 2% commission deduction.

Advertised Stats (Based on £25 Stakes)

  • £1,262.85 Total Profit
  • £78.93 Average Monthly Profit
  • 7.17% ROI
  • 39.77% Strike Rate
  • 50.51% Bank Growth

Alternatively, place-only markets are accessible at some bookmakers, providing another avenue if betting exchanges aren't available.

Many of us value tips services compatible with Betfair, as traditional bookmakers have become increasingly selective about accepting bets.

Key Details

The service provides place only tips for the horse racing markets. The advice includes the advised odds (BSP) and the stakes that should be used for each bet.

All tips are posted to a member's area as well as being sent out via email. They are also available on the Betting Gods app, where push notifications can be set up to alert you of new tips.

When are tips sent?

08:00 UK time 

How many tips are there?

20 tips per month on average

What is the advised bank?

100 Points

Review Notes

Our 12 month review period spanned from May 2023 to April 2024.

Results are shown below on the basis of using a £1,000 starting bank and £10 per point stakes and all bets are at Betfair SP.


All Weather Place has demonstrated strong performance, yielding a profit of 38.17 points throughout our 12-month review period. At our £10 stakes, this equates to £381.71 profit.

 Additionally, the return on investment stood at a commendable 7.13%.


At the time of our review, membership fees were priced at £79 for six months, totaling £158 for the entire year. With modest stakes of £10 per point, this leaves us with £223.71 profit.

Exploring alternative staking plans, such as compounding each month, could further enhance these profits. It's definitely worth considering for maximizing returns.

We're thrilled to have discovered a horse racing tips service that exclusively operates on Betfair Exchange, with all bets placed at BSP (Betfair SP).


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