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The Bookies Enemy Review

Review Date: January 2024


Tagline: "With an average monthly profit of £358.17, The Bookies Enemy is one of the best horse racing tipsters on the internet." - Betting Gods

Welcome to our "The Bookies Enemy" review.

Introducing Gary, who has been tipping at Betting Gods since 2017. This makes him one of the veteran tipsters on the site with plenty of experience in the world of horse racing tipping.

One of the things that sets Gary apart from some of the other tipsters is that he includes a full analysis with each of his tips. It is reassuring to know that the selections have been properly researched and great to be able to see his reasoning behind them.

Advertised Stats (Based on £25 Stakes)

  • £24,355.25 Total Profit
  • £4,297.99 Average Annual Profit
  • £358.17 Average Monthly Profit
  • 14.55% ROI
  • 19.5% Strike Rate
  • 324.74% Bank Growth

His advertised stats were certainly impressive to look at with a profit of 974.21 points delivered overall.

One concern on exploring the results in more detail was that the maximum drawdown reported for the service was 201.55 points with quite a bad run for the service late 2019/early 2020.

Fortunately it looked like it had been fairly smooth sailing since then, but the advice of a 300 point starting bank seemed sensible to follow in any case.

In our Bookies Enemy review, we recorded results for over eight months and were delighted to be able to beat the tipster's own profit figures.

Keep reading to see our full results.

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Key Details

The service provides horse racing tips only, with a mixture of win and each-way bets. The advice includes the advised odds and the stakes that should be used for each bet.

All tips are posted to a member's area as well as being sent out via email. They are also available on the Betting Gods app, where push notifications can be set up to alert you of new tips.

When are tips sent?

Monday to Sunday 19:00 UK time 

How many tips are there?

75 tips per month on average

What is the advised bank?

300 points starting bank

Review Notes

For this tipster trial, we tracked almost 800 bets over a period of eight months in order to be able to analyse results fairly.

Our review ran from 2nd May 2023 to 23rd January 2024.

The results include profit and loss at the odds the tipster provided, as well as odds that we could find at multiple bookmakers. We also recorded results at Betfair SP for good measure.

Review Conclusion

Our Bookies Enemy review is a great example of why taking a long-term approach to following tipsters is recommended.

After a lengthy proofing period, we finished up with 74.97 points profit, which was actually nearly 10 points more than the profit at the tipster's advised odds!

To get an idea of profit in GBP, that is:

  • £10 per point = +£749.70
  • £25 per point = +£1,874.25
  • £50 per point = +£3,748.50

We can say with confidence that The Bookies Enemy is a solid tipster to follow after our experience during the past eight months.

We were sometimes able to find better odds which, as you can see, had an impact on our results in the long run. 

We checked to make sure the odds were available at two or more bookmakers and also that they were available for at least five minutes after the tips were received by email.

The Bookies Enemy graph

During our review, the tipster experienced one of the worst losing runs that we have ever seen. But the point is, he stuck to his guns and recovered from it.

The losing run began just as Royal Ascot started and ended just after it finished.

This is an interesting point, as we feel that many tipping services try to go all out during the big festivals, providing tips for as many of the races as they can. This could be because there are generally a lot of higher-class races to get their teeth into or simply because their members expect it from them.

Gary did admit that he may not have done as much research as he could have, which could have had some effect on the results, or it could have just been pure bad luck.

"This has been our biggest downswing for over two years, though this is why I advise a 300pts starting bank. But as always just like in the past, I WILL getting our losses back!" - Gary, The Bookies Enemy

He quickly recovered a lot of what was lost and there was a very nice winning run where he achieved 26.04 points profit in two days.

To go through something like that and be able to keep your head straight is admirable, and we have to commend Gary for that.

The maximum drawdown during our proofing was 62.43 points, so the 300 point bank served its purpose well.

The results below are based on the odds that we could find readily available.

The Betfair SP results are not so good for this service, but that isn't a big surprise as the tipster sends their bets out the evening before races.

They aim to take advantage of early odds posted by the bookmakers, so the starting price is likely to be much lower on average.


It's not often that we come across a tipster as reliable as The Bookies Enemy.

He sends his tips out like clockwork at 7 p.m., so you always know when to expect them. We have also found that the odds are easily achievable for at least five minutes after the emails are sent out.

As you know exactly when to expect the tips, it makes it so much easier to get on at the advised prices, as it really just takes a minute to check a comparison site and load up the bets.

We are delighted to recommend The Bookies Enemy as a solid and reliable horse racing tipster for you to follow.


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