First Class Racing

First Class Racing Review

Review Date: May 2024


Tagline: "With an average 1-2 tips a week... First Class Racing is perfect for somebody who has a will to profit but not much time to spare." - Bet Chat

Welcome to our First Class Racing review.

Introducing Mel Gee, who has been providing horse racing tips at Bet Chat since 2021.

Mel has a disciplined and patient approach, offering just one or two bets per week on average and only betting on Class 1 races.

There are some benefits to focusing only on these high-quality races, as generally the quoted odds should hold up, and there is also more liquidity available.

Advertised Stats

  • 22.78 Points Profit
  • £2,278 Profit to £100 Stakes (£2,000 Starting Bank)
  • 16.57% ROI
  • 50% Strike Rate
  • 113.9% Bank Growth

With a high strike rate and low drawdown, he recommends a starting bank of 20 points, so a £1,000 bank would be £50 per point stakes.

Based on the profit the service has reported and the cost of membership, you would have needed a bank of around £2,000 or more to make it worthwhile.

The service looks to have been very consistent with results, and it may well be a "you pay for what you get" situation. This isn't always the case, but we will find out in our review.

Key Details

The service provides horse racing tips only, with a mix of each-way and straight win bets. The advice includes the advised odds and the stakes that should be used for each bet.

All tips are sent out via email and also through a private Telegram group.

When are tips sent?

11:00 - 12:00 UK time 

How many tips are there?

1-2 tips per month on average

What is the advised bank?

20 points starting bank

Review Notes

Our 12 month review period spanned from May 2023 to April 2024.

Results are shown below on the basis of using a £2,000 starting bank and £100 per point stakes.  


This tips service operates with a very low volume of bets, only placing wagers when there is absolute certainty that a horse is a good bet. Impressively, it has generated a profit every year since its launch, proving the system's effectiveness.

In our 12-month review, we recorded a profit of 2.13 points, translating to £213.


Given the membership fee of £599.97 annually at the time of our review, the profit generated wasn't sufficient to cover it.

Although we did record a small profit, we cannot approve the service based on these results. Therefore, we are assigning it a neutral rating.


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