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BSP Profits Review

Review Date: May 2024


Tagline: "Ready To Win Big? This UK Horse Racing Expert Has Made £1,883.25 In The Last 6 Months!" - Betting Gods

Welcome to our BSP Profits review.

Introducing Dennis, who joined the Betting Gods team in January 2023.

All of his bets are at Betfair SP, which we really like. This means you only need a betting exchange account and don't need to put up with any tomfoolery from the bookies.

Advertised Stats (Based on £25 Stakes)

  • £3,294.75 Total Profit
  • £274.56 Average Monthly Profit
  • 49.92% ROI
  • 31.82% Strike Rate
  • 131.79% Bank Growth

Dennis's results are impressive, with his tips producing 131.79 points profit since January 2023 at the time of writing, meaning he has already doubled his starter bank.

More about Betting Gods

In our Betting Gods review, we find out what they are all about and what they have to offer. We also take a look at their free and premium tips services.

Key Details

The service provides horse racing tips only and they are all win bets. The advice is to bet at Betfair SP and all bets are level 1 point stakes.

All tips are posted to a member's area as well as being sent out via email. They are also available on the Betting Gods app, where push notifications can be set up to alert you of new tips.

When are tips sent?

08:30 UK time 

How many tips are there?

22 tips per month on average

What is the advised bank?

100 points starting bank

Review Notes

Our 12 month review period spanned from May 2023 to April 2024.

Results are shown below on the basis of using a £1,000 starting bank and £10 per point stakes and all bets are at Betfair SP.


We found BSP Profits to be really easy to use as all bets can be placed on Betfair Exchange at any time of the day prior to the races.

Over 12 months, we recorded a remarkable 68.36 points profit, equivalent to £683.61 with our usual £10 stakes. This is an outstanding result for such a straightforward service.

Additionally, we have included profit figures below for £25 per point stakes.


Currently as we write this, the membership fee for this service is £79 for six months, totalling £158 for the full year.

After deducting this fee from the profit we tracked, we are left with a total of £525.61 profit.

I think you will agree that this is a fantastic result considering it is a BSP tips service.

It's always a relief to find a service that works on a betting exchange rather than relying on standard bookmakers, as this means we don't have to worry about matching the required odds.

We are thrilled to be able to add BSP profits to our approved tipster list.


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