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The Outside Edge Review

Review Date: February 2024


Tagline: "It's Darren's professional approach to betting on horse racing that has allowed them to collect £16,292.50 profit since December 2019!" - Betting Gods

Welcome to our "The Outside Edge" review.

Introducing Darren, who has been providing horse racing tips at Betting Gods since 2019.

When we first started our review, his slightly different approach intrigued us. He was to provide two sets of tips per day, with the first set scheduled for the evening before the racing and the second set for the morning.

The idea was to catch some early value when the bookies first priced up their markets, and then further value from bets by monitoring the markets to spot any trends.

However, we found that throughout our proofing period, all bets were sent out in the morning, so Darren must have found these bets to be the most profitable and changed his strategy accordingly.

Advertised Stats (Based on £25 Stakes)

  • £16,292.50 Total Profit
  • £5,013.08 Average Annual Profit
  • £417.76 Average Monthly Profit
  • 8.51% ROI
  • 29.84% Strike Rate
  • 217.23% Bank Growth

The results advertised definitely had the wow factor, with 651.7 points profit overall, averaging over 200 points profit each year.

It's rare to come across a tipping service that looked as consistently profitable as this one.

We tracked our own results for nine months and were pleased to be able to report 44.29 points profit, beating the profit at the odds advised by the tipster.

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Key Details

The service provides horse racing tips only, with mostly each-way bets and occasional straight win bets. The advice includes the advised odds and the stakes that should be used for each bet.

All tips are posted to a member's area as well as being sent out via email. They are also available on the Betting Gods app, where push notifications can be set up to alert you of new tips.

When are tips sent?

08:00 UK time 

How many tips are there?

113 tips per month on average

What is the advised bank?

300 points starting bank

Review Notes

For this tipster trial, we tracked over 500 bets to ensure that we could analyse results fairly.

Our review ran from 2nd May 2023 to 1st February 2024.

Results include profit and loss at the odds the tipster provided, as well as odds that we can find at multiple bookmakers. We also recorded results at Betfair SP for good measure.

Review Conclusion

We had been off to a great start in the first couple of months of our Outside Edge review, reaching over 30 points profit.

It was going really well, but as we entered our third month with the service, the tide turned, and all the profit that we had built up had gone back to the bookies.

It is always a shame when that happens!

It had been a bit of a struggle until the tipster managed to pull off an incredible winner at odds of 67.00. It had been tipped at 51.00, but we were able to find better odds by shopping around. This gave us a massive profit, and our patience had paid off.

After a total of 527 bets, we recorded 44.29 points profit with a 4.76% return on investment. 

That was a 14.76% growth of our bank of 300 points.

The results below are based on the odds that we could find readily available.

It hadn't exactly been a smooth journey, as the results had yo-yoed up and down along the way, building up profit and then handing it back.

For some of the selections, we had been able to beat the odds that the tipster provided, and as a result of that, our profit level was a lot higher than at the odds the tipster suggested.

We did notice that the tipster included "Best Odds Guaranteed" in his results, so he would be showing a higher return than us. It's perfectly acceptable to do this, but we chose not to include BOG because of the many different rules for it between bookmakers.

We already made almost 40 points of extra profit by checking for better odds, and we made sure that they were available at multiple bookmakers too.

As for the Betfair SP results, we were pleased to see a profit, albeit a small one of 10.05 points. Betfair SP is probably not the way to go with this service, but it's good to see an overall profit in any case.

Some of the places had to go down as a losing bet as we were using standard place payouts at Betfair. You could, of course, place them in the extra-place markets, but there isn't a BSP in those.


During our nine-month review, The Outside Edge proved to be a profitable horse racing tipster, securing overall profits at both bookmakers and Betfair Exchange.

Though the journey had its bumps, patience proved rewarding in the end.

We recommend utilizing Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers with this service, noting its profitability even without BOG—a crucial aspect.

If a service relies solely on BOG for profitability, recommending it becomes challenging. However, The Outside Edge is already profitable, and BOG offers an additional, lucrative advantage.

Notably, the tipster boasts several years of experience, persevering through challenging periods to consistently deliver steady profits.


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