The Inside Man

The Inside Man Review – Results Update

Review Date: March 2024


Tagline: "Adam Cheng is our professional fixed odds football bettor. A former head of football trading at a bespoke bookmaker, Adam knows value when he sees it..." - Bet Chat

Welcome to our "The Inside Man" review.

Introducing Adam Cheng, a former bookmaker who has been providing football tips at Bet Chat since 2020.

Adam offers bets on a mixture of football markets, including some of the major ones like Match Odds (home/draw/away), Over/Under Goals and Asian Handicap markets.

As well as the more popular markets, he also offers tips in some more niche betting markets such as Player Passes, Player Performance, Corners and Cards.

It makes for an interesting mix!

Advertised Stats

  • 122.48 Points Profit
  • £6,124 Profit to £50 Stakes (£1,500 Starting Bank)
  • 8.5% ROI
  • 58.2% Strike Rate
  • 408.3% Bank Growth

There is an issue in that these markets aren't as readily available and the tipster has noted that you will need a Bet365 account. If you don't have one, you can still bet on all of the selections in the main markets.

Key Details

The service provides football tips only, with mostly win singles and some occasional spread bets (explained in the user guide). The advice includes the advised odds and the stakes that should be used for each bet.

All tips are sent out via email and also through a private Telegram group.

When are tips sent?

No set time

How many tips are there?

34 tips per month on average

What is the advised bank?

30 points starting bank

Our Results

This review is ongoing and more results will be posted here soon.

For this tipster trial, we will be aiming for 200 bets at a minimum in order to be able to analyse results fairly.

We will provide regular updates along the way to let you know how the tipster is performing.

Results will include profit and loss at the odds the tipster provided, as well as odds that we can find at multiple bookmakers. An exception will be made for bets that are only available at Bet365, as we were made aware that some markets aren't available elsewhere.

Results update

Initially, our plan for reviewing The Inside Man betting tips service was to track around 200 bets. Now, after over 10 months of observation and 213 bets recorded, where do we stand?

We're delighted to report a 52.5% increase to our bank, accompanied by a solid 7.18% return on investment.

This is a service that operates with a low starting bank of 30 points, so our profit of 15.76 points may seem modest, but in monetary terms, it is a respectable amount.

For instance, with a £1,500 starting bank and £50 stakes, we'd have pocketed £788 profit.

After deducting the annual membership fee of £399.97, that would leave us with £388.03.

While this amount may not be substantial, it's essential to note that this is based on flat staking.

Introducing alternative staking plans or just compounding stakes as the bank grows could amount to much more profit.

Everything has been smooth sailing so far. We haven't had any trouble finding the advised odds, and thankfully, major losing streaks have eluded us.

The only issue we came across was that there were quite a few season bets sent out that will run until the end of the 2023–24 season. We added up the stakes for these, and a big chunk of our bank is tied up.

You would really need to allocate a separate bank for those bets.

We'll extend our review until the end of the season to find out the outcome of these bets.

Look out for our next update, scheduled for late May/early June.

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