Football Multiplier review

Football Multiplier Review

Review Date: February 2024


Tagline: "Super Easy to Profit Trixie System... Only Takes 15 Minutes a Week!" - Steve Hudson

Welcome to our Football Multiplier review.

Introducing Steve Hudson, a tipster who has been around on the betting circuit for several years.

Prior to this, we hadn't personally tried any of his tipping services before, so we had no prior experience to go by. However, we did know that he had been around for a while running various football and horse racing betting services.

This particular football tipping service, Football Multiplier, had results going back to April 2022.

There are three bets sent out at a time, and rather than just the usual style of betting with single bets, Steve advises combining the three bets into a Trixie.

If you don't know, a Trixie bet combines three selections into four bets: three doubles and one treble.

Advertised Stats

  • 121.79 Points Profit
  • £1,217.90 Profit to £10 Stakes
  • 17.3% ROI
  • 51% Strike Rate

We couldn't find any advice on what sort of starting bank to use at first, but later found it in the FAQ. The staking advice was to bet 5 points on the single bets and 5 points total on the Trixie bets.

This seemed quite high, particularly for the singles, so we had decided to err on the side of caution and use no less than 200 points to start with. As it happened, we later found out that that was the advised starting bank.

Key Details

The service provides football tips only, including popular markets such as match result and double-chance bets. The advice includes the advised odds and the stakes that should be used for each bet.

All tips are sent out via email, and that is the only way to access them.

When are tips sent?

Friday 11am-12pm UK time 

How many tips are there?

20 tips per month on average

What is the advised bank?

200 Points

Review Notes

For this tipster trial, we aimed for 100-200 bets at a minimum in order to be able to analyse results fairly.

We reached 105 bets and that was over a period of five months.

Results include profit and loss at the odds the tipster provided, as well as odds that we could find at several bookmakers. We did not include any exchange results, as Trixie bets weren't available to place there.

Review Conclusion

With just a few bets each week, our Football Multiplier review was a slow process. We were willing to be patient, but after five months, we didn't feel like we were getting anywhere.

We finished our review with 21.97 points lost at odds that we could find, which was an 11% bank decrease.

There were a few winning Trixies during our proofing, but it wasn't enough to give us an overall profit.

Given that the advised stakes always added up to 5 points, whether the bet was a single or a Trixie, we were effectively working with a 40 point bank.

This could be quite precarious if we were to encounter a run of losing bets. Fortunately, we didn't during our review, but we didn't make a profit either.

The results below are based on the odds that we could find readily available.


Because we hadn't lost a huge amount, it could be reasonable to give this service a neutral rating. The problem is, we don't really have any realistic expectation that results might improve.

We have struggled to see where the value is in these bets and wondered if putting the bets into Trixies was just giving us even more negative value and increasing our long-term loss.

It hasn't been a terrible trial for this service, but ultimately it isn't one that we would be interested in extending beyond this review.


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