Each Way Sniper review

Each Way Sniper Review – Results Update

Review Date: March 2024


Tagline: "What if you could exploit a system-beating loophole that locks in profits regardless of the outcome?" - Mike Cruickshank

Welcome to our Each Way Sniper review.

Introducing Mike Cruickshank, who is a well-known figure in the betting world, specialising in matched betting. He is the creator of various betting-related products and systems aimed at helping individuals make profits from bookmakers' offers, bonuses, and promotions.

Mike is associated with popular products such as Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser, which are known for providing strategies and tools to exploit opportunities in the betting market.

His products often focus on risk-free or low-risk methods to capitalise on bookmakers' incentives.

Each Way Sniper software

How Each Way Sniper is more than just a matched betting system

Although the market is now flooded with matched betting products, Mike is one of the first, if not the first, to specialise in this area. His Bonus Bagging service has been around since 2011 and since then, he has developed a variety of follow-up products to beat the bookies and has built up a loyal following.

Each Way Sniper is one of those follow-up products, but there is something special about this one.

It is an ideal tool to use after you have been through the usual matched betting procedure. So, you've exhausted all the free bets and now you have a bunch of bookmaker accounts collecting dust.

With Each Way Sniper, you can put them to work and make money from them, even if you have had your stakes limited. So long as you haven't been limited to £0.00 stakes, you can use them with this system.

It is not just a matched betting system, as you can use it as a value betting system too, just placing straight bets at the bookies and not laying them off at Betfair.

In our Each Way Sniper review, we focus mainly on the value betting side, as we are most interested in maximising the amount of profit we can make from the product.

We will of course cover the original Each Way Sniper system too, so that you can compare how each performs.

Review Notes

This review is ongoing, and more results will be posted here soon.

For this betting system review, we will be aiming for 1,000 bets at a minimum in order to be able to analyse results fairly.

We will provide regular updates along the way to let you know how the system is performing.

Our results are based on odds available at established UK bookmakers.

Each Way Sniper Value Betting Results

Our initial results for Each Way Sniper have been truly spectacular.

We've already doubled our 100-point (£1,000) betting bank, achieving an impressive 138.6% total growth.

Notably, this feat was accomplished in just six weeks, with minimal time investment in morning betting sessions. With this system, maximizing the number of bets placed yields optimal results.

These results do not include Best Odds Guaranteed, which could boost profits considerably.

We experienced a stroke of luck with two massive winners at odds of 51.00 and 41.00, significantly impacting our results. These victories netted us £1,080 in profit with £10 each-way stakes.

While the software offers the option to cap maximum odds, we opted against it, and it's proven to be a wise decision. While smaller gains have sustained us, it's the substantial wins that have truly impacted our results so far.

As we continue this test over an extended period, we anticipate a more balanced outcome in the long run.

A long-term ROI of 38.3% may be wishful thinking, but we remain optimistic!

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