Betting Gods review

Betting Gods Review

Review Date: August 2023


Tagline: "Providing free betting tips every day since 2014. Trusted by over 1,000,000 people per month!" - Betting Gods

Welcome to our Betting Gods review.

Betting Gods is an established tipster website, founded in 2014 by former UK police offer and professional bettor, Darren Moore.

They have a professional set up and a large variety of tipsters available, with some that have been tipping on the site for many years.

One of the things that we really like about this platform is their transparent results, which are available to download from each tipster's page. 

They state that results are recorded using odds available with at least two bookmakers, BOG prices are never taken or used and rule 4 deductions are included.

Tips for all tipsters at Betting Gods are available by email or through a private member's area. This can also be accessed through a mobile app, which is ideal for setting tip alerts up.

They also offer daily free tips and a premium tips package, which we will go into more detail about below.

Betting Gods Free Tips

As a bit of a taster of their tipping services, Betting Gods offer free tips provided daily by tipsters from their portfolio. There are two tips per day and every free tip comes directly from one of the paid tips services.

This means that the bets will have been thoroughly researched and you will get a good variety, covering various sports including football, tennis, horse racing and basketball.

Betting Gods Premium Tips

The Betting Gods Premium Tips service is an upgrade to the free tips membership and gives you four additional tips on top of the two free tips each day.

As a bonus, you get the standard two free tips 30 minutes earlier, which should help with getting the best odds before the bookies start cutting them down.

At the time of writing this, Betting Gods advertised that their network of tipsters had collectively made £137,657.50 profit to £25 stakes, which is a phenomenal 5,506.3 points.

There are results for the service starting from 15th April 2023 and when we checked, they showed an impressive 102.54 points profit.

Of course, we were unable to verify those results, which is why we ran our own review to see if similar levels of profit were obtainable.

The Premium Tips offer great value for money, as you can sign up for lifetime membership for just £69.

There is a £7.99 per month option too, but the lifetime subscription offers a big saving. Betting Gods have been around for a long time, and there's no sign of them going anywhere anytime soon!

Betting Gods Premium Tips Review

For this trial, we were originally aiming for around 500 bets, but we decided to finish it early.

We recorded 263 bets, and out of those, there were 5 that we couldn't find markets for at UK bookmakers, which were all from the Handball Pro Bet service.

We included profit and loss at the odds the tipsters provided, as well as odds that we could find at multiple bookmakers.

The good news was that we recorded a profit of 13.6 points at the odds provided, but the bad news was that we lost 1.93 points at the actual odds available.

We didn't include Betfair Exchange results to keep it simple, with a large selection of tipsters to track in a variety of sports and markets.

 Betting Gods Premium Tips - Results

There had been a good variety of bets provided in the Betting Gods Premium Tips service, including backs, lays, wins, and each-way, as well as a good selection of sports.

The average of the posted odds was 5.69, and the odds that we recorded as available at more than one bookmaker averaged at 5.42, so this would affect profit in the long run.


We found that the Premium Tips offered a good introduction to the tips services that Betting Gods has available; however, we felt that it would make more sense to use it as a taster to see which of the services you like best and subscribe to them individually.

Basically, it is a good opportunity to try the services out before committing to following them long-term and hopefully making a bit of profit along the way.

The reason we cut the review short is because for Betting Gods Premium Tips, the selections are posted between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m., but each tipster will have posted them at various times before that.

Sometimes tips were even posted the night before, so the odds could have dropped a lot during that time. Of course, sometimes it went the other way, so the odds may have drifted, but we found that it was more often that they had steamed.

The only way Betting Gods could get around this would be to send out the Premium Tips in stages, but many people will just want them to arrive in one block.

So to conclude, the tipsters collectively made a profit with the odds they would have originally sent out with their tips, but by the time they were released via the Premium Tips service, some of the value had diminished and affected our overall profit.

While it was nice to experience the variety of tipsters that Betting Gods offer, we feel you would be better grabbing a trial of those that you like the look of so that you can get the best odds available.

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