Bet Alchemy Formula review

Betting Alchemy Formula Review

Review Date: June 2024


Tagline: "Use This Forbidden Betting System To Earn £83,781 By Winter!" - Dave Harris

Welcome to our Betting Alchemy Formula review.

Introducing Dave Harris, who works as a fireman in the UK. He confesses that he is not a professional bettor, but his betting friend shared a mathematical formula with him.

Apparently he quit his job to pursue a betting career, which seems like quite the leap.

His friend's grandpa had passed down this winning formula to him after he had become a millionaire by using it. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading.

Advertised Stats

  • £83,781 Profit (Stakes unknown)
  • 90.7% Strike Rate

We have included this "advertised stats" table, as we do with all of our reviews, but you will notice that this one is lacking some information.

That is because... we couldn't find any!

The Betting Alchemy Formula is supposedly insanely profitable and wins bet after bet, but there are no published results to back it up. Importantly, we don't even know what kind of stakes Dave is using to achieve this level of profit.

Dave goes on to say that he has bought a new Tesla car with his winnings and paid of the rest of his mortgage on his mansion style house. Interesting... we wonder if he obtained that mortgage before or after he was working as a fireman.

Large mansion style house

Key Details

The service provides horse racing tips, but we don't have any details on whether they are win only or each-way.

All tips are sent out via email, and that is the only way to access them.

When are tips sent?

9.00am UK time 

How many tips are there?


What is the advised bank?


Review Notes

We requested more information on past results from this service but didn't get a reply. Unfortunately, we were unable to test it for ourselves as we were unable to request a trial due to the tipster being unresponsive.


This service raises too many red flags for our comfort:

- No published results

- No information on stakes

- Photos of supercars, mansions, and dream holidays that seem highly unrealistic

We've opted not to post any links to this service, as we doubt it will be around for long—though, of course, we could be wrong.

Is the Betting Alchemy Formula a scam? Potentially. Obviously we cannot say for sure, but it has all of the signs. We have made a note to check back in a few months to see if it is still up and running.

The Betting Alchemy Formula does not get our approval, and we advise caution.


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