Meet Our Team


Josh Henderson

Josh has been involved in the betting industry for 10+ years, starting out as a recreational punter before moving on to value betting for a living.

Throughout his betting journey, he has come across many rogue tipsters and scam services.

He also discovered that many review websites would recommend services without even proofing any results. 

Despite all of the problems with the betting industry, there were good tipsters out there and betting services worth following.

It was just a matter of weeding out the bad and finding what actually worked. He decided to make this his mission, and Rated Tipsters was born!

content writer

Neel Shah

Neel has been a pro punter for five years, having previously been in the teaching industry. He has been a bit of a jack of all trades, working for the bookies, a syndicate, and now for the most difficult boss of all, himself. 


He focuses on betting on a mix of football, golf, and horses, but loves tournament betting and is always looking for sharp punters on other sports. 


He loves writing about betting and analysing data to do with betting.


When he is not betting and has some precious free time, he is indoctrinating his daughter as a Tottenham Hotspur fan, DJing, watching movies, or playing video games, as well as failing miserably at DIY.